One thought on “With this body, this DILF doesn’t need to advertise!

  1. I love these hung men with their huge cocks, balls, butts and, their hard-ons!!! The Daddies’ really sport huge bulges in their jockstraps and the one wearing a jockstrap with his HARD COCK outside of the pouch is really GREAT! I find the sons and Daddies interest in each other really interesting with their sexual interest for one another!!! Those Daddies with muscle/furry asses really get my attention!! I want to rim their ass-cracks and ass-holes with my mouth, spit, lips and strong tongue to sexually pleasure these men and myself!!! It boils down to men attracted to other men and pleasuring each other for our lust and sexual needs to admire and please each other. Drop the sin of Dads and Sons having sex with each other! When I am at home and alone, I have a butt plug firmly in my ass-hole….it’s like a “friend” in my ass and I don’t feel as lonely…..I sometimes have a plug in my ass for 10 hours. We have sexual needs, and, we need to satisfy our needs for sex.

    Thank you for the great shots of men and the dialogue regarding men having sexual admiration for other men, and, having sex with other men!

    Ron Miller

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