2 thoughts on “This daddy knew how to bring some excitement to the city streets at the early morning photo shoot.

  1. This bearded, muscle, furry body is showing off his furry jockstrap ass for the public to view and admire!!! God he is great!! If only I could get his attention maybe, we could hookup for some one-on-one!!! I’m game to invite him to my dwelling for some private viewing and perhaps share some man-on-man sexual experiences with this HUNK. I bet his crotch bulge and bush fill his jock strap bulge. He’s damn hot!!! Ron Miller

  2. I’m hungry to get my face, mouth and tongue in between his furry muscle ass cheeks for a long ass-rimming!!! I’m sure he is accustomed to such; but I will apply my special ass-rimming skills for his and my extra pleasure!!! Ron Miller

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