3 thoughts on “Bike Jocks = Dads Jock

  1. Beautiful display of men showing-off their jockstrap pouches stuffed with their huge cocks and huge balls for admirers to view and become excited for licking, sucking and fucking…..those admirers feel their cocks grow and needy for man-sex!!! Ron Miller

  2. Sniffing jockstrap pouches is a “high” for me! I get really excited and feel my crotch and ass grow with excitement as I work my face and mouth against those pouches. Those men get excited too! Their cocks get hard and their balls draw-up for more attention…. and, I move my hands to their asses and ass-cracks to work their holes with my hands and fingers. I love to finger-fuck their holes, then, suck my fingers tasting their inter ass-holes. I love tasting a deep hole!!! Man-to-man sex has many rewarding perks. I’m privileged being gay!! Ron Miller

  3. I love Dads who fill their jockstrap pouches with their huge cocks and balls! Sometimes I’m lucky and have the privilege of sucking their huge balls and cocks, and, taking their cum-loads in my mouth and down my throat! It’s a way of meeting new sex-buddies for ongoing encounters, and, to get my ass fucked as well!!! Ron Miller

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All I said was, "Are you wearing a jock?". Seconds later Randy was proving it. And grabbing the back of my head!

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